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Leica Q2 in the hands of Artur Żurawski

Artur Żurawski, the cinematographer, always takes a full-frame camera with a bright 24mm lens to his shooting plans. The wide-angle, bright lens is Żurawski's favorite focal length.  In combination with a large body, it is perfect for reporting from the set. However, such a set weighs a lot and is quite bothersome, especially when taking photos in hard-to-reach places. The cinematographer loves to photograph during his work, and the greatest fun, as he says himself, is photographing his colleagues.


How to pull focus like the Masters with Ishmael Azeli

Ishmael Azeli is considered one of Kenya's master focus pullers and cinematographer whose Film, Poacher was one of the first Kenyan films to launch on Netflix... Lucky for us... He's about to spill it all.. his tricks of the trade on The Seat Down.


Kenyan Film ‘Shoto’ Nominated For Top New Filmmaker Awards In Hollywood

Kenyan short film titled ‘Shoto’ has been nominated for the prestigious New Filmmakers Award. The nomination was announced in California’s tinsel town, Hollywood with the Kenyan-made film has been nominated in the category ‘Best New Media’. The short film ‘Shoto’ was a project by young emerging Kenyan filmmakers who are supported by Stories Found. 


“Poacher” Becomes The First Kenyan Movie To Stream On Netflix [WATCH TRAILER]

The ‘Poacher’; a movie which seeks to highlight the significant international issue of illegal ivory trade by addressing the plight of Africa’s endangered elephant population is set to premiere on global american movie streaming service – Netflix on September 30. 

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