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Cinematographer | International 1st Ac/Focus Puller | Observer Photographer. 

Ishmael Azeli is a cinematographer and an International 1st Ac/Focus Puller based in Nairobi Kenya. His passion lies in storytelling and derives his excitement from engaging and moving the audience through dynamic and unique cinematic designs.

He has worked on TV commercials/ Brand films, Feature films, short films, Documentaries which have screened theatrically, on TV networks and VoD (Video on demand) such as Netflix, Discovery, NTV, CGTN, CNN, and France24 among others, as well as online outlets including The Sauce, Spread zone, Retuning Cinema Africa | RECA, CUE 6, Newsday24, Business daily Africa and GB Africa among Many.

Ishmael has also been privileged to work with renowned and Award® winning filmmakers, such as the Legendary Thierry Arbogast (AFC), Denson Baker (ACS), Director Atiq Rahim-French - Afghan, Director Jim Loach-Hollywood, Director Carl Rinsch-Hollywood, Rowry O Grady-South Africa, Director Dan Prior-Kenya, Director Juan Reina-Finland among so Many More.

He has worked alongside brands around the Globe, through production houses like: Bonne Pioche-France, Ahoy Films-South Africa, Quite Bright Films-Kenya, Jerico|Super 8-France, Mermaid Production-New York, Ginger Ink-Kenya, Blue-sky Films -Kenya, Stage Light Production-South Africa, Mojo Productions-Kenya, Bore ales-France, HOME- Los Angeles, and others.

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Best Cinematography in a short film


Best Cinematography short film


Best international short film


Best Cinematography short film

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